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AceProbe - Probing Molecules for Life

Risk of disease and response to treatment varies from person to person. This is due to variation in human genetic coding, interactions between one's genes and environment over a lifetime and the unique signature of the immune system. Defining the scope and nature of human biological variation allows the targeting of medical treatments to those most likely to benefit. Such treatments may include drugs or cell therapies tailored to a patient's history, genes and immunology.

AceProbe has evolved with a team of Biotech professionals and operates in the niche are of genomics that enable our partners to efficiently design and perform experiments, monitor progress, receive and interpret results, making the adoption of technology trivial.

Our comprehensive technology platform and system offerings allow access to a multitude of clinical and research data, key analysis modules for both genotype and expression information, and database archiving and processing capabilities. Flexible platform and custom service features for a medium-density, ultra-high-throughput capability, customizable formats etc. make all our offerings unique and enable predictive outcomes for patients, delivering a personalized approach through genetics.