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Ana Cristina Guilherme

Planet Earth


I’m currently living in Lisbon | Portugal (the most amazing country in the world), I`m an entrepreneur: inspiring people to make their dreams come true, falling in love with themselves and reconnecting with their Inner Wisdom and the Creative Power each one of us have to create our Lives.

After 18 very successful years making amazing projects in Hotel Industry: PR, Marketing & Branding, always investing in my own personal & professional growth. In 2010 a breast cancer was diagnosed to my mother: my world collapsed on that day, next day I started to practice all the knowledge I had: now she has a great health & she is very Happy and in love with Life. These event made me change the way I was living my Life. In 2011 I made the decision to change my Life: Start a New Chapter...Book

Since then I love what I do & do what I love and I`m a happy & successful woman. So grateful for my Life.

I Started my own Business: Life & Executive Mentoring & Coaching, Trainer, Speaker, "I`m a consciousness & heart igniter".

Has I change my World, the world around me changes, do your own inner awakening and everything flows.

Gratitude & Love

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