Andrew Hubbard

Ridgeland, MS

I work most of the time but have books, films, and music to keep me sane. I am luckier than most I know so complaining is disrespectful. My goal in life is to never stop learning, never stop searching, form my own opinions no matter the social consequences they bring, read, write, think, ask, and always appreciate the vast wealth of knowledge left for us from generations past. I am certain about only my uncertainty. Humility has become very rare in our society (myself included) while I see no human trait more important. Let's learn about our world, our existence, and our very consciousness knowing beforehand we will never know or understand any of it with any significant level of certainty. But it is worth the journey!

  • Work
    • Drug Dealer (legal however I assure you)
  • Education
    • 8 years of college attempting to learn anything I could