Aeren Achaius

Aeren Achaius

Hey, I'm Aeren, but I respond to many things. I'll only list a few, but these include: Ari, Eden, Malik, Ponyboy, and Achaius.

Though I'll love you lots and lots of you call me either Achaius or Aeren.

I'm a transmale that strictly identifies with he/him/his pronouns. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now down to buisiness. I am not here [or on ANY social media] for a relationship. If I find someone I like, cool. But I'm not here just to get with someone. I've had bad experiences with relationships and do not wish to relive it.

With that out of the way, I'm surprisingly friendly. I'm always here to talk to and really enjoy talking to my followers! I love to make new friends, even if I'm a little awkward and shy at first.

I do a lot of cosplay, even though I don't post a whole bunch of pictures. And I've been considering making a separate account for my cosplay so I can just make mine my personal. But you know, details.

I love to sing and draw, but haven't had the time with my new busy schedule. I recently just got the lead role in the play "The Outsiders" in my school. I'm so excited about it, I kinda wanna scream.

I recently moved from Arizona and greatly miss all of my friends there, but adore my new school here in California!

If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to contact me! I'm super friendly and love each and every one of you!!