Achal Agrawal


I am a highly versatile, friendly, happy-go-lucky and dynamic guy currently pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science at National Institute of Technology Raipur, India.

I am a essentially a collage of a developer, tech-guy, entrepreneur, philosopher, leader, speaker, debater, singer, composer, lyricist, web designer, programmer, photographer, blogger, artist, anchor etc.

I love reading books, tinkering with technology, coding, conducting stage shows, thinking and dreaming, playing music, clicking photos and sharing my thoughts at

I am also the Founder of SmileBots - An inititative in education field that has a vision to make learning more personal and individualized.

I believe that every being is different and so his learning methodology and requirements too must be different. So, in this life, I intend to find ways by which people can judge themselves and find paths and products that suit them the best. My aim is to bring smile to the face of people all around the world, helping them make decisions and ultimately letting them into the state of true happiness.

  • Work
    • SmileBots
  • Education
    • NIT Raipur
    • Rajkumar college
    • St. Mary's