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alexis charrier

I am a student in a school I am in a special class " second european" to improve my english . I live close to Paris since i was born , next to my school there is center commercial . I like to walk in the center commercial because there is a movie theater . I enjoy go to cinema with my friends , I enjoy hang out with my friends , I like listen to music . I am friendly , I try to be serious but I have a good sense of humor , I am polite , positive and honest . I like talk with my friends , I am a good listener . I live with my parents , I have two brothers and one sister , I am the youngest . I have two cat and many fish . My oldest brother has two daughters , my second brother has a son and my sister is having a girl so I am uncle . My first brother is an optician , my second brother is a train driver and my sister is a nurse . I will make a tray scientific because a want to be a webmaster or a scientist .