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Acharya Pandit Ashok Dwivedi

Acharya Pandit Ashok Dwivedi

Acharya Pandit Ashok Dwivedi is a known religious scholar and has been awarded with Ved Pandit Puraskar in the year 2003 by the U.P. Government. He has been conferred the title of ‘Vaidik Ratan’ by Sangved Vidhyalay, Varanasi and was also the President of Ved Parayan Kendrum, Varanasi. He has been the Convener of Kashi Vaidic Parisad, Varanasi and Kashi Ganga Ghat Sudhar Samiti, Varanasi, apart from being the nominated member of U.P. Government, for the Ganga Karya Yojana.Pandit Acharya Dwivedi has also been the Author of various religious publications dealing with Hindu Vedas and Puranas, which have received acclamation nationally.

resident of India

Pandit Acharya Dwivedi has been an religious advisor to many political leaders including Late Prof. Shankar Dayal Sharma (Ex-President of India), Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, ND Tiwari, business conglomerates, and Noble Laureate Nelson Mandela.

Ved Parayan Kendram is an educational, social and religious society established by Shri Acharya Ashok Dwivedi in 1983. The objective of the society is to promote ‘Excellence in the related emerging areas of education, training and research analogous to the best in the world for producing professionals who shall be leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and management.’ The Society has been affianced into various activities such as publishing newspaper “Kashi Ganga”, recognizing and rewarding eminent individuals and professionals, organizing various social and religious events.