Achicdirection is a fashion and art based blog that is co-founded by two friends. Beth is from the Valley of California and I (Amy) is from the Hills of Barrington Illinois.We joined forces to bring you only the best information.

From the Hills

People always ask why my fashion illustrations don’t have any faces. I tell them, “honestly, it’s more about the clothes.”My name is Amelia (Amy) Noyes and I am the person that contributes from the hills. I have a degree in Communications from Regis University, and I am working on a Masters in New Media Studies from DePaul University. I was born and raised in Barrington Hills IL, and I currently work and live downtown in the loop area of Chicago. I have always had a passion for Art and Fashion. I finally found an outlet where I could share my love of fashion with other people. In the process of developing this idea I found a friend to join me in this venture.


-Amy Noyes

From the Valley

My name is Elizabeth (Beth) Carlson and I will be contributing from The Valley. I have a BA in Fine Arts: Studio Arts and a minor in Marketing from Regis University. I received my MA in the History of Decorative Arts (with a focus in 20th Century Costumes and Furniture) from the Smithsonian Associates in partnership with Corcoran College of Art and Design in January 2009. I am currently working at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). As a California native, born in Northridge and raised in the Santa Clarita Valley, I felt the need to get out and explore the world. My passion for art has always existed and my love for fashion and the history behind it has grown over the years. After living in a few different locations, I have become fascinated by the styles of dress and attire one chooses depending on where they currently live, grew up, and are inspired by. Amy and I met at Regis and have stayed connected over the years; always discussing our new obsessions of art or fashion. When she asked me to join her in this new adventure of sharing our passions I knew it would be a great opportunity for both of us. And I am now excited to share my love of fashion and art with you!

-Beth Carlson