UB Results

Uli is one of Bob Proctor's Thinking Into Results Facilitators and one of the few select World Class Coaches (recognized at the top of the coaching industry) to facilitate the program.

LifeSuccess’ breakthrough Thinking Into Results Program provides the specific tools and step-by-step strategies needed to replace fear of the unknown with a success mindset and action steps for finding opportunities in the changing economy.

Combining over 50 years of research in the personal and professional development industry and over
20 years in corporate and merger acquisition law, Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher team up to create the most powerful transformational program of its kind. The Thinking Into Results Program is an extremely effective program for individuals who are truly interested in personal and progressive growth. Likewise, it provides leaders the very best information available on how to draw the most out of their people, the leader's biggest untapped resource. It teaches leaders and teams how to close the gap between knowing and doing and in the process create more meaningful and purpose-driven lives as they dramatically improve results, organizational culture and customer loyalty.

To transform your dreams… into Reality.
Your goals… into Achievements.
Your thinking … into Results.