We are a well-reputed firm specializing in offering professional service of education consultancy to a wide array of students across the Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Sri Lanka ,India ,Pakistan ,Iran ,Afganistan and Maldives to help them achieve their goal of pursuing higher education in the UK, US, NZ, Australia, Lituania,Latvia,Malaysia ,Singapore , Germany, India and Canada.
We have been operating since year 2005 as a registered consultancy firm under the laws of Qatar, UAE, and Saudi. Sri Lanka. During the 10 years of successful operation .As a whole team we have helped over 5000+ students to join the top universities and colleges to pursue their ambitions higher studies in Europe and US. We have been sending between 450 to 500 students per semester to NZ, USA, UK,Australia, Germany and Canada colleges and universities. Many colleges and universities around the world have benefited from our service and we are continuing to make an impact on the local education market by offering many professional facilities for students to make their dream comes true. We offer IELTS and Free IT classes for students to improve their English and IT level.