Achim Kram

Frustrated with the constant barrage of negative news and doom and gloom headlines, I left a successful media career behind and set out to create a company and a website that is dedicated to providing a daily look on the bright side with good news provided by journalists also fed up with negativity The Optimist brand was created to stand for all the positive and inspiring things that are happening each and every day, which often get overlooked.

We have many exciting plans for spreading the word about optimism and we will do our best to inspire others to join us on our journey to make this world a little better, bit by bit, every day.

I have 20 years experience in international sales and marketing within the media and entertainment industry. Previously I held the position of General Manager Sales and Marketing Europe with Gemstar TV Guide, a global media and technology licensing company - now part of

I have also been CEO and CMO for medium and small sized charities over the last six years. Currently I am running the Ethiopian Education Foundation - - a UK registered charity as Vice Chairman and I am Trustee of Microfinance Charity Green Shoots Foundation