Hsun-Yi Hsieh

Ann Arbor, Mi

I am a PhD candidate in Ecology/Resource Ecosystems Management, exploring the complexity of the reciprocal impacts of ecology and evolution in a novel interaction web. I am proficient in R programming, and am currently working on an R package, hoping to manifest the application of simple math that can help improve our understanding of network complexity.

My past adventures included two trips to Pakistan and several summers in Chiapas, Mexico. In Pakistan, I explored the connection of international fisheries industry and local fisheries resources exploitation. In Mexico, I conducted research in a shade-grown coffee agroecosystem, as well as agroecology and the Zapatista movement in general.

I enjoy playing piano, as playing this instrument was the first thing I loved as a child and is a never-waning interest in my life.

  • Education
    • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor