Achint Parekh

Kya yaar! now who will I plan all these events with. On the bright side at least now everytime u see me u won't have to worry if Ill say "there is a mailer tonight" :) - Rohan

And 1 more goes down, 3 to go :( Dont forget us – ull always be our LogicBoy :D Im gonna miss u loads! - Neha

♫Hi, This is Achint ~Leeave a message♫ - Ninad

Tweeting, Twittering, Tweetering, Twattering..Youll develop all these concepts one day my friend :) But it was a great opportunity to work with and under u. Wishing u all the best for ur future endeavors SRP(ShahRukh Parekh)! - Cliffy

You're the best thing that happened to a lot of women here..or so we hope they say some day..Take care..and always be the gujju that u are incognito..i will always think of u every time i see or hear anything to do with coconuts :D - Arjun

Achint & I often end up making impromptu and spontaneous plans that somehow always seem to work out. I wonder why - Achint: "No dude I cant make it. Have to head somewhere else...Btw where are u going? What! Oh nice, with whom? Ah even she's there..Hmm..Oh wait a minute, I just got a text saying my previous plan got cancelled..Ill join u guys.." And Parekh, this aint ever gonna stop! I’m out already, see u on the other side soon :) - Varun

acchuuu! this is the end of an era! having seen u almost every day since over 8 years now, itll be depressing to not see u (and your yellow belt) around anymore :P. Ill miss u loads. I know youll do well at whatever it is u decide to pursue, and may the force be with u. :) And just so u know, I was tricked into sharing this picture with these guys! - Namrata

Achuuu, got to know u almost 3.5 yrs after joining Directi, and woa! The first time itself, I outdrank u at sudys :P And how can I ever ever forget the Achu Puchu night! Now that I think of it, drinking with u has been so much fun! But I dont think I should be sad cause we arent stopping right, especially with you and varun become more than friends ;) And yes, thanks so much for the miniature mug :D Wish you loads of luck with whatever you do! - Minal

Achchu - The man who made our hearts go "sha la la". Take care old Man and Im sure you're going to be doing something kickass all your life. May the force be with you - your "Favourite Mentee™" aka Banner

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