A. Chinta

Name : A. Chinta

Japanese Name : Aoi Yuuichi

Nick : Achin, Aoi

Born : July, 23rd

Bloodtype : AB


Description : Idealist person who have many interest in music especially Japanese Music. My influences are Hyde, Jasmine You (Versailles), The Rev (Avenged Sevenfold), Takeshi Hosomi (Ellegarden, The Hiatus), and Taka (One Ok Rock). I'm unordinary, because of that many people say I'm different. Hehehe.. I'm music addict! I like to listen many genres of music. Music is unique. My Playlist is full with iro iro na music! I enjoy all genres from death metal, till melayu (even though I don't have melayu's songs because not my mainstream. But I can enjoy to listen them if I'm away on Bus). Other side of me, I like to play with my android! Yah, I'm female but I like to edit my android system. I think Android is amazing! And I can forget everything when I'm with my android. Even though my handheld just Galaxy Mini but I enjoy it! You can also sharing about your Android with me hehehehe! Oke, see ya!