Achmad Iman Firmansyah


Achmad Iman Firmansyah was born in Bandung(West Java,Indonesia) at 28th January 1987. My parent was divorced before I was born. Im single child raise by single parent mom. In 1997 I moved to Jakarta live with my uncle's family and moved back to Bandung in 2010.

I graduated bachelor degree from University Al-Azhar of Indonesia, majoring in Economic Business with concentrated in Human Resources Management. I have some work experiences in automotive, IT and Business Consultant industry as marketing, technician, acounting and consultant. I also started my first business when I was in senior high school after then I ran and closed several business until now.

I learn lot about human perfomance, emotional behavior and mind technic. Such as Neuro
Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Neuro Semantic, Recticular Activating System, Mind Mapping, Emotional Freedom Technique, Cohesiveness Leadership, etc. That skill give me ability to learn something faster and effective, also to help others release their pain, traumatic and push their above the limit with new technology of achievement.

I believe all person in this world was born uniquely in physical, character and mind. But, we can see around us theres many poeple affraid being their own self. So they just think and act to get "status" from what others people said it was good. And i wont say that im different, unique, extraordinary, i just say im person who proud for being my own self. I train my mind to think inverse than mostly people think, thats why people called me insane. Because my mind think inverse, I usually doing something inverse. When most people pretend to be smart, wise,nice, wealth, care, neat, say something good, cheer up others and i prefer people look me stupid, idiot, poor, rude, arrogant, selfish, ignorance, careless, lazy, like to hurting others and pushing people to lowest level. I love being minority because the fact said only 2% people who have 98% money in this world, and rest 98% person must compete to get 2% money. -Only dead fish who swim with stream

Things I dont believe in life is heaven, hell, love, religion, failed, commitment, and destiny.