Aleah Chobot

Regina Saskatchewan

My name is Aleah Chobot and I am currently studying to become a pre k-5 teacher at the University of Regina. I am in my fourth year of study and have only three classes left to complete my degree! I have lived in Regina my entire life and love to travel! Some of the things that I have enjoyed doing up around Regina include: volunteering, swimming, playing any kind of sport, and participating in a leadership group at the Regina YMCA. It was there at the YMCA that I was taught some of the most valuable things of my life like: how to be a leader in the community, how to work with children, and how to be physically active. Without finding that program I may have travelled down a different career path. Another thing that I really love to do is swim I am currently a lifeguard and love every minute of it. My other passions in life are working with children with exceptionalities, and creating new and exciting ways to make sure children stay active by playing games with them at the YMCA. I am loving exploring the world of technology and am learning new things each day through my ECMP 355 class. I love to live life to it's fullest and not let any moment go to waste.

  • Education
    • University of Regina BEd (PreK-5)