A Christian Connection

Consultant, Social Media Manager, and Small Business Owner in Evansville, Indiana

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A Christian Connection was first started in 1998. We were online for several years and then the site was hacked on 3 seperate occasions; we gave up.

A Christian Connnection

Connecting Christians in areas of Finance, Business, Home Education, and other areas of interest.

About Us


Worship with RitaAnn~ on Pandora


Our Store helps those in our area:


On Radio


We advertise for other Christian and homeschool companies. We love meeting others and bringing our gifts and talents together to collectively grow our visions.

We'd like to carry on that tradition by helping others. Here's where we need your help. :-)

We need BEANS! Yep, beans.

We're working with a group of kids who'd like to feed the elderly and handicapped in their neighborhoods.

Please send your bag of beans.

Evans c/o Beans

11551 Upper Mt. Vernon Rd.

Evansville, IN 47712

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