Dr Les Ellam

Saltdean, Brighton

Dogs suffer from muscle pains, aches and strains just like we do but they can't easily tell us that they have a sore shoulder or that their knee is stiff. They usually don't complain and tend to adapt to move around the problem carrying on with the job of being your best friend.

When you do notice a change in their behaviour or the way they walk, professional canine remedial massage and myotherapy can help to ease any problems to bring noticeable and positive changes in your dog. Equally importantly, regular massage can help prevent the injuries from recurring.

When I tell people that I am a professionally qualified dog masseur most look at me with rolling eyes and go “Oooookayyy” as though I have lost the plot. But why not dog massage? Dogs get aches and strains, they get injuries, they have neck pains, leg pains and all sorts of other pains that we probably don’t since we only have 2 legs. The difference between them and us is that we can go “Ow…that hurts…just there”. Using specialised knowledge and training from both canine and human massage skills and experience, I aim to detect and target troublesome areas benefiting both function and range of movement of their limbs while easing any associated pain. Regular massage for your dog should help to prevent recurrence of the conditions that caused the pain and keep your pet in top condition.

AchyPaw is a therapeutic massage service for dogs, based near Brighton. This safe and complementary treatment is not just for recovery and rehabilitation as massage and myotherapy can also help active athletic dogs, keeping them in top condition for sport or just for the activity in daily life which can help to prevent any injuries. Older dogs who maybe find it hard to settle down as their joints are getting stiff could also benefit from a massage session which can help to prevent issues occuring as they grow older.

I always work with the owner so they see what I am doing and why. I may give them some ‘homework’ to do to continue any good work between treatment sessions to give maximum benefit to their dog. But it is not like school homework – this is fun! Hopefully continuing the good work will empower the owner to keep their 'best friend' in top condition.

We also offer one to one and group training sessions tailored for your needs that will enable you to learn and perform a massage routine for your own dog.

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    • BSc, PhD, Diploma Sports Massage, Diploma Canine Massage