Achzii Wattanakeatpaisarn

Unemployed in Bangkok, Thailand

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Hola, it's me Achzii.

You can find me in the bars of Khao San Road in Bangkok. I am great fun to be with but please do not give me money or you will never see it again!

I was born on October 18th 1988 and have one daughter aged 13.

I hang around the bars looking for groups of guys. I try to get them to pay for me to go on holiday with them and more.

I used to work in a massage parlour under the name of ''Sky''. You can see photos of me at the massage parlour here.

I recently tried to scam a guy for 10,000 Baht (approx $300) but I got caught and had to write "I am very sorry for trying to take money from you. My ATM was not swallowed by the machine and I was lying in order to try and get money from you. I am sorry and I will not do it again."