Dierk Acid


Hi i am The Fixer... I started to produce music when I was 11 years old. The first time i ever produced, I started with Playstation & Mtv Music Generator. Later on i used Playstation 2 with Music 3000 -- that was an amazing game where I produced thousands of tracks. Later on my brother bought the Jamaha RM1X Groovebox. He did live sets for the public and i gained a lot of experience with him when he played & produced. I i learned to work with it and eventually i was playing many parties and public events...
Later i bought a Rolandmc09 Phrase lab. It was the ultimate Acid machine and i became an Acid Producer. I'ts fun to see people come on the dance floor and see them dance there ass off! I love producing... i still produce today & i will never stop! It's my life and my passion... Thank you.

The Fixer

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