The Acid Muffinproject was born in Rome, in October 2010 out of the minds of MarcoPasqualucci, former drummer of Recidiva, and Andrea Latini, former guitaristand lead singer of Recidiva.

Initiallyconceived as an acoustic duo, Acid Muffin began to collect a successfulfollowing since the first live show, which came to offer an experimental rockand melodic sound influenced by the alternative/grunge of the 90’s.

Bothmulti-instrumentalists, Marco and Andrea decide to reverse the respective roleswithin the new band.

Aware of thepotential in the songs, the duo were pushed to seek a third component and so inDecember of that year they hired Davide Villa, former bassist of Nerodia, tojoin the band.

This new lineup has now the perfect balance of technique and stage presence, as the growing followingof fans present at several live performances supports.

In March 2012the band records the first demo.

For the bandsmusical development, young but technically efficient Matteo Bassi took over asthe new bassist in May 2012.

The experienceand the creative capacity of the two founders of the band are easily alignedwith the versatility of the new bass player and this allows the group togenerate a clean, powerful sound musically capable of expressing all thenuances necessary to make unique the kind of music proposed.

For one yearthe band works to the research of a new sound, the composition of the new repertoireand the songs arrangements.

InMay/June/July 2013 the band records the EP ''Nameless''.

In January 2014 Nameless ispublished and followed with great interest by many fanzines and webzines: thereare lots of reviews that express favorable opinions for this EP.

There are also many radiothat play the 5 tracks of the disc and the band gives interviews to many ofthese before starting a promotional campaign for the EP, with live performancesthroughout the Lazio region and neighboring regions, which takes the band busythroughout 2014.

Actually the band isrealizing the first full-length album.