Joe Ackah

Based in Southern California Joe Ackah has extensive knowledge and experience in International Commerce, Investment and Business Consulting, particularly with USA/Canada, the Pacific rim and Africa. He navigates through the rules and regulations and sources of supply including hidden investment sources, to provide help, as well as solutions to the needs and problems of clients. He facilitates trade and investment and helps make business transactions between buyer and supplier go smoothly. With access to and contacts with a wide array of many products and industries including, sources of funding Joe makes himself available to assist countries in west and central Africa and businesses wishing in doing business in the region. He has helped procure $Millions worth of equipment and funding for projects. He acts as the export arm of small and medium size producers in the USA/Canada and the Pacific Rim; he assists buyers procure products/raw materials from Africa; he finds viable projects in Africa for investor clients in the USA and Canada in mining, petroleum, infrastructure and agriculture. Joe is an experienced Accountant and Business Administrator.