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Acklam Car Sales

Acklam Car Sales has devoted itself to providing excellent customer service to customers wishing to purchase a car from the fastest growing dealership in the North East. This page has been created for customers to read about the dealership’s services and approach to car ownership. Feel free to contact the expert staff or visit their website for more information.

Thanks to the increased use of the Internet, thousands of car buyers have gotten in touch with Acklam Car Centreto purchase the car of their choice. The team has gone to extra mile to provide excellent customer service, and works to ensure that customers leave the showroom confident in the purchase decision they just made.

On their part, the team at Acklam Car Centre has often found it necessary to prepare cars to the highest quality standards, and even provide tips to help keep drivers safe on the road. For thousands of its customers, the following tips have come in handy.

Avoiding fire

Electrical and mechanical issues are the most common culprits when it comes to car fires. In the event a car catches fire whilst in operation, the driver is advised to pull over and turn off the engine. The occupants of the car should get out soonest possible, and the authorities notified immediately.

To avoid such an incident, car owners are encouraged to have their vehicles regularly serviced by professional mechanics. Well-maintained cars are less likely to leak or break down unnecessarily. In some cases (long distance journeys), it may be necessary to carry gasoline in a gas can. Such cans should be properly sealed and kept out of the passenger compartment.

Safe driving

Driving while impaired is a big cause of road accidents across the world. While authorities have ramped up the “don’t drink and drive” message over the years, the experts at Acklam Car Centre agree that the message bears repeating: drivers shouldn’t operate vehicles while impaired (through alcohol or drugs). Drivers should also avoid distractions from cellphones or other gadgets, and let someone else drive should they feel tired.

Whilst on the road, every driver should be considerate and treat other drivers and road users in the manner they would want to be treated.

Acklam Car Sales cares about the safety of its customers, and is always willing to provide the right tips that guarantee an enjoyable driving experience.