kevin ackley

I am involved in the effort to combat exclusionary efforts by the health insuurance industry to deny healh care to those who need it most. ObamaCare is a necessary first step, but we have far to go.

On Thursday, Reuters ran a story describing a policy at the insurance company WellPoint of automatically reviewing any customer who contracted breast cancer for possible fraud, leading to some patients losing their coverage. The company is contesting the story, with a rather legalistic statement on its website.

The White House meanwhile is piling on. On Thursday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sent a letter to WellPoint’s CEO asking that the company stop the practice of reviewing the claims of sick women. “I hope you will consider these women as you work to end this harmful practice,” Sebelius writes

UPDATE: WellPoint has responded to the Sebelius letter with with the CEO saying she is “disappointed” with Sebelius, “To be absolutely clear, WellPoint does not single out women with breast cancer for rescission.