Alois Clemens

Consultant, researcher, and leader in Xalapa, Mexico

My line of work is sustainable development and its challenge to line up technological and social systems. Many years of experience with planning, practice and theory of sustainable development have given me good understanding of the needs for horizontal as well as vertical integration and networking With special attention for the production and trade of natural resources, small-scale and large-scale and the co-production of knowledge and experience. This line of thought results in early identification of social and technological opportunities, creating shared values based on multi-scale analysis. Good multidisciplinary networking and programming lead to sustained results characterized by strong feedback mechanisms and flexibility. Key words are emerging initiatives, collaborative leadership and co-production.

After lecturing about sustainable development at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Puebla, Mexico I started free-lancing. Before this I have worked on the ground for about 10 years in Mexico, another 10 years globally at WWF (forests and agriculture; market transition and nature protection), followed by over a year of research and consultancy (CE Delft, international biofeedstocks). This brought me to start a PhD at Wageningen University (which I stopped after a year of research out of lack of funding). Topic: Inclusive technological innovation with a case study on algea production as an example of a multi-purpose technology (energy, protein and water purification) that can be differently designed according to its technological and / or social objectives. The implications of the scale of production and network functioning are the key elements of research, closely linked to leadership styles.

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    • MSc. Geography of developing countries, economy of development