Cassandra Johnson

Writer, Systems Analyst, and golfer in Arizona

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I'm in the biotech/event planning/nonprofit fundraising/rare disease awareness/project management industries. I'm also a recovering stay-at-home mom to three children, including b/g twins. I freelance, contribute golf content for a local magazine and author books for nobody to read because I am terrible at PR.

I love and live for my three children. I am devoted to raising money to fund a cure for and awareness of SMA--the number one genetic killer of babies and young children--and running my own annual charity golf event. I am active in the special needs community and am an advocate for accessibility and awareness.

I divide my time between Phoenix and San Francisco.

I am also devoted to cheese. I wish for a scholarship to cheesemonger school like a little girl wishes to become a princess. My New Year's resolution is to eat LESS cheese. I haven't had a wheel of brie for dinner so far this year, so I'm optimistic. Talk rennet to me.

A few personal accomplishments of which I'm most proud:

☑︎ My rant in Missed Connections made Craigslist's "best of" page:

☑︎ Ladmo Bag winner--once in 1981 and again in 1986.

☑︎ Survivor of Phoenix's hottest day of all time: 122℉ on June 26th, 1990.

☑︎ Inaugural subscriber (that's year one!) to both Fast Company and Mental_Floss.

☑︎ Have a record of 17-1 when it comes to being pulled over for speeding versus speeding tickets issued against.

☑︎ Can type 80 wpm, thanks to my 7th-grade typing teacher and Mavis Beacon.

☑︎ Survived a bark scorpion sting, brown recluse spider bite, and a snake encounter within one twelve-month period.

☑︎ Walked thirteen miles from SoMa to Sausalito, which means traversing the Golden Gate Bridge on foot 275 feet above cold, hipster-infested waters.

☑︎ ePublished my first humor essay 11/2015! Download it from Kindle, iBooks or Nook! On Twinkies & Torture: My Twin Pregnancy

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    • Arizona State University