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I was born on 14 Th march 1963. I am a Diploma In civil Engineering and Diploma in Computer Applications, I am 24 years experienced Civil Engineer,Expert in project planning , The great Vaasthu Sastram,Expert in Project Implementation , Expert in Construction Management, Liaise expert, Expert in Building Marking,Expert in Green building Based on C.I.I . I having touch with C A D, M.S .Exel, My father M.Chandrasekhar S/o M.Narasingarao is so great , work minded, polite,He was not having a single enemy in his life time. My mother Doctor Bramaramba she was retired lecturer D/o Tangiral Shankariah C.I of police .she is very strict in each every moment. My wife is ccalluri Srinivasarao gari Yasoda S.G.Teacher.Her Mother was a music Teacher. I have two sons elder son is M.Sai Hitesh,and younger son is M.SaiRohit. I have been preparing a theory on Phyisics witch is named as Power Stream of Universe witch is prepared on basics of the great Einstein's E=MC x C.