Andreea Cojocariu

Atlanta, GA

I'm the Smiling other words...I'm a marketer, startup lover, blogger, mom, nonprofit advocate,.

I'm a digital marketing pro with a love for integrated marketing strategies, especially the ones heavy in SEO and Social Media. I'm known for making amazing things happen in the world of search and social media. I'm an early adopter which to you means that I'm the one that creates buzz around an idea or topic. You can catch me talking quite a bit about social media new trends and channels, video marketing and using video in general, and the forever fluid landscape of search.

So the mom thing is teaching me that much to what others claim, I can and will have it all. I may live a crazy busy life, but that also means that I'm a master of time management and lover of lists. Despite my very busy life, I make time for those who make my heart smile. I believe in #spreadingthelove by helping others and making people smile with kindness.

If we you ever meet me #IRL, we'll most likely find ourselves talking about social media and/or some sort of marketing strategy. Let's connect!

  • Work
    • Smiling Marketress
  • Education
    • MBA, BA English