Amber Combs


My intrigue of the human body began in childhood. How and why it works the way it does, how the system can be supported, how our lifestyles and environment affect this system.

This interest led to self study as well as formal classes related to Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Aromatheraphy, Energy Healing, Psychology, Natural Medicine, Bodywork, Yoga and Exercise Theories.

Eventually this developed into a passion that needed to be expressed. I completed training at Sarasota School of Massage Therapy and began my journey to bodywork. I felt drawn specifically to energy work, Visceral Massage (working with organ tissues), and Thai Massage.

I became a certified yoga teacher, completing a 200 hr month long intensive in Colorado. I began study with the Barral Institute for visceral manipulation and continue that study. I then travelled to Thailand to receive certification as Thai Massage Practitioner and Teacher.

I currently practice Thai Massage and teach Thai Massage to professionals as well as couples interested in learning.