Ashif International Consultancy

Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Small Business Owner in Chittagong, Bangladesh

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Ashif International Consultancy (AIC) provides business consulting service and research service. This Chittagong based Bangladeshi business consulting firm offers various services for it’s Clients.

AIC assist its Client in their operational, financial and organizational needs. Our core knowledge and skill set up to improve your organizational requirements. We strive to provide customized approach with mixed work experience in different fields. We develop key innovative solutions, methods, techniques to increase your overall business operation as well as productivity. Our advisory services are offered with effective recommendations for the implementation of each activity.

Small business consultancy

Office support service

Data analysis

Market research service

GIS service

Documentation service

Website design and development

Strategic and Operational Planning

Survey design and Analysis

Internet Marketing

Logistics planning

Demand forecasting

Import & Trading

Leading team

Coaching Client

Organizational Behavior Analysis

Contracts and Proposals

Business writing

Graphical Design Works (please see sample works)

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As a recognize migration consultant, we also provide all round of immigration service to Australia and Canada under skilled migration, state sponsorship program, employer sponsor or independent migration.

Now a day, immigration rules are continuously changing and new policies are introduced in every six months or even after one year. This makes the whole immigration process very daunting task which creates doubts and challenges.

We are excited to eliminate all the contingencies for you and to bring the possible outcome for your ultimate dream to be migrated in some of the paradise in the world. Our expert professionals reduce all confusion associate on immigration visa application process.