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About Acora

Acora was first established in 1986 as a traditional reselling business, then transitioned to become a more service-based business. It now provides IT solutions and support to more than 150 mid-market companies, and has over £35 million of multi-year contracts under management. The company specialises in IT outsourcing as well as IT strategy consultancy and business applications supply and support.

IT advisory service

The IT advisory service methodology has been tailored for the agile mid-market, allowing rapid change as well as encouraging the buy-in from the client which is so necessary for successful implementation.

While traditional consultancy models concentrate on lengthy evaluations of the current state of play, Acora does not believe that this approach is right for more dynamic clients. Its more agile methodology delivers measurable results in weeks, proving to clients that this is an approach which will really work.

IT governance

Acora wants its clients to get the most out of their IT investments, and can help clients to install or improve IT governance frameworks which are both effective and sustainable. An appropriate governance framework increases budgetary control and allows clients access to structured benefits tracking for their IT investments.

Application transformation

The team of experts at this company are able to guide clients through the challenging process of transitioning from an old application suite to a new one. They understand that sometimes businesses make do with out of date applications or attempt to manage with work-arounds, to avoid the disruption that can accompany a change of application.

Acora works with clients to help them select the right solution, and then accompanies them every step of the way to minimise downtime and ensure that the transition takes places as seamlessly as possible.

Infrastructure transformation

With 30 years’ experience designing, delivering and supporting business-critical infrastructures for clients located across the whole world, this organisation is ideally placed to help clients with their infrastructure needs. Acora helps clients to choose the most appropriate technology and provider, and then puts the archite