Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons

Have you ever wondered where the word; “blues” came from? Well, this simply denotes “blue devils”. In other words, such types of music are an expression of extreme sadness or melancholy. On the other hand, this rhythm also has its origin from mysticism which has something to do with blue indigo. This has been used by a lot of Western African people during death rituals. In such events, mourners will wear dyed blue clothing which signifies suffering. This is symbolic which represents the indigo plant found in Southern US slave plantations. This is where West African slaves expressed their struggles and sufferings through songs as they labour on indigo dyed cotton. If you trace back history, the traditional blues lyrics a are similar single lines repeated 4 times. However, revisions are made by the 20th century. Today, same types of songs are accompanied by acoustic blues guitar to make it more pleasing to hear. And you can learn how to play it using Google’s Play’s free app.