Acquire The Fire

Acquire the Fire seeks to inspire Christian youth to explore their religious heritage and spread the message of Jesus with dedication and passion. As such, Acquire the Fire exhorts its current and potential followers to understand that the concept of “normal” simply won’t help the word of God prevail in this generation. Acquire the Fire communicates to teens on their level and strives to provide information that speaks to their concerns and mindset. Its website asserts that youth in this generation do not want a new definition of Christianity. Instead, they seek a new demonstration of Christianity, one infused with meaning and purpose. Acquire the Fire produces high-energy weekend events that attract thousands of participants in cities all over the country. The events feature a number of key elements, including practical Bible study, speakers, leadership training, serious worship, and cool Christian bands. Acquire the Fire encourages volunteers to add their passion to the events. Volunteer options are open to those 17 years-old and older with a servant’s heart who want to make a difference. Event positions include logistics aids, merchandise reps, and ushers. Acquire the Fire also reaches out to parents of teens by pointing out two relevant facts: First, studies show that the rate of Christian affiliation among those born between 1980 and 2000 – the so-called Millenials – stands at just 12 percent. Second, a ground-breaking book found that parents remain the prime influencers in the life choices of this generation. As such, Acquire the Fire encourages parents to take up the call to bring their children back to their faith.