Angela Cristini

Toronto, Ontario

Hi there my name is Angela Cristini and I'd like to share with you my Journey and life transformation. Please keep in mind I have never struggled with my weight and have always been a pretty confident person but after having my beautiful son I don't know what happened. I had this extra weight I just couldn't lose. I cook most of my own meals and thougth I was eating healthy so why couldn't i lose this weight. This struggle was slowly chipping away at my confidence. I didn't like to look in the mirror, I wasn't going out and enjoying life the way I had always done. I tried diets and I had some success but would always gain even more weight back. My husband saw me changing and I would just explain that I was now in my 40's and this was how it was suppose to be. I was giving up!

The summer of 2011 a friend presented an opportunity and with skeptism I began. I began a journey to end an 7 year weight struggle. To be very honest I don't think I still took it very serious but knew it was time to TAKE ACTION. This is an ALL NATURAL, DOCTOR RECOMMENDED program which was exactly what I needed. I began a program called Isagenix it was going to take a 30 day commitment to help me break some bad habit and create some good ones. To prove to my husband that I did have will power I did it and stuck to it. He and I couldn't believe the transformation I was experiencing in as little as one week. My body was quickly losing bulges and slimming down right before my eyes. At first I'm thinking its water and it was going to stop there, but this wasn't the case. My energy level had increased significantly, I was sleeping better, I had mental clarity and was smiling and laughing more. Isagenix had done so much more then what I expected. In 30 day I lost 20lbs and 3 pant sizes. Shane my husband decided to try Isagenix himself following my transformation and lost 22 lbs in only 30 days. Isagenix has changed our lives and we want more then ever to live a healthy lifestyle not only for ourselves but as a great example for our son. My mission is to change lives one at a time and with this comes an opportunity for financial freedom or at the bare minimum the opportunity to get your products for FREE!! I have had the good fortune to help many people reach their health goals and create an extra income. If either of these or both are of interest please conact me, I'd love to show you how. Wishing you Much Success ...Angela

  • Work
    • Isagenix - Independant Representative for health and wellness
  • Education
    • York University