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We, Acron Polymer Products, initiated in 2014, are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of Silicon Products in various industries like automotive, medicine, food and engineering. Silicone Bakeware Set, Silicone Bushing and Silicone Cake Mould are few of the most popular products from our entire range. We prefer the utmost quality of raw material in the manufacturing of our products, to provide consumers with long lasting and resistance free material. All our products are indestructible and uphold its color even after intensive usage as they are produced in perfect environment with finest machines. The products offered by us are versatile and available in multiple designs according customers’ necessity. The products supplied are non-toxic, smokeless and odourless in their function and are can be readily used by the buyers.

Our company manufactures the products with high accuracy by examining every minute detail given to us by the clients. Our designing engineers design the products precisely and cautiously without any scope of mistake. We give appropriate importance to customers’ preference with operating because their satisfaction is our basic concern.

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