Advanced Clinical Research

Advanced Clinical Research, the first community based clinical research centers in both Utah and Idaho, was founded in 1984. ACR Utah’s Research Center has extensive experience in a variety of therapeutic areas, having managed over 700 clinical studies and enrolling more than 9,000 patients. ACR Idaho’s experience base is also substantial, having been established in 1991. ACR’s success is a result of our longstanding affiliations with some of the largest independent group practices in Utah and Idaho, dedicated physician/investigators, and a committed ACR staff.

ACR’s vast therapeutic experience includes the following indications:

Ear,Nose, and Throat
Infectious Disease
Internal Medicine
Pain Management
Vaccines (all types and age groups)
Women’s Health

ACR works closely with community physicians who partner with ACR on clinical trials. ACR’s principal investigators average 15 years of clinical research experience. These investigators conduct patient visits at ACR’s dedicated research centers and pride themselves in being very active in the studies they are conducting.

ACR-Utah’s medical director, Dr. Judith Kirstein, has been conducting research with ACR since 1992. ACR-Idaho’s Lead Principal Investigator, Dr. Mark Turner, has been working with ACR since 1996.

ACR Research Centers have teams of dedicated and experienced study coordinators located onsite, longstanding, actively involved investigators, formal, comprehensive training programs, electronic patient databases, dedicated patient recruitment and marketing divisions, considerable experience with electronic data capture and patient diary/drug accountability products. We also have standardized internal quality assurance programs and dedicated regulatory department, assuring rapid and accurate document submission including the ability to utilize central IRBs.

ACR is a proud member of the Elite Research Network (ERN). For more information regarding ERN, please visit