The TransLead Institute operates within the Accredited School

of Christian Ministry International (ASCMI) headquartered at

Philadelphia, state of Pennsylvania in the USA.

The TransLead Institute is an interactive, energizing, and

unique experience that builds leadership skills no other

program can match. Be prepared! It is six sessions of non-stop

self-discovery and learning from practical experiences that

build your leadership concepts and abilities. It is go, go, go 8

hours a day... And you'll love it!


The TransLead Institute's hands-on, multi-dimensional

curriculum is presented by a group of facilitators who volunteer

to devote their time to helping develop leaders.

While each of them has experience working with young adults,

they are all highly respected in their own professions and

serve as excellent leadership role models for the students.

The TransLead Institute facilitators play prominent roles in the

higher educational realm, corporate organizations, and non-profit settings.

The TransLead Institute Curriculum

The TransLead Institute develops participants to "lead with

integrity." The curriculum incorporates current leadership

issues in such a way as to meet the developmental needs of

young adults.

Effective leadership produces results — exceptional

improvements not only in companies and organizations, but

also in clubs and communities. Wherever you are, there's a

need for you to lead.