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Method acting

are techniques, actors use to create thoughts and feelings of their characters, to create a scene like real life. we work with the "Method" refers to the method created by Constantin Stanislavski in order to teach concepts of acting to his students. Stanislavski's system of acting was the foundation of so many acting methods. the "Method" refers to Stanislavski's original system.
Method acting has been described as having "revolutionized American theater". It is the first systematized training that also developed internal abilities (sensory, psychological, emotional)

We believe that the highest value of any content exists in the hands of those who went through the whole journey, studied the profession and experienced it.
We believe that acting should be learned from professional actors, from people who studied the profession from reliable sources, played and play on stage and in films, that when they talk about any relevant topic, they know exactly what they are talking about, not only by theory, but also by body and mind experience. For more informations about our acting classes, please visit our website AOBStudio

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