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Free Action Games Online

Project Manager, Web Developer, and Designer in the United States

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Best Action Games for Kids to Play Online for Free - Great free games

One of the best types of Action games for kids are these fun Simulation games. You can literally be anything you want. From a tiger prowling the Serengeti on the hunt for food to feed its family or an angry little Yorkshire Terrier causing chaos in its neighborhood, these Simulation Action games are a great way to pass a few minutes in a fun and creative environment.

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You’ll find all sorts of animal simulator action games, from crazy pigs to wild foxes. These games can also be a fantastic educational tool. A combination of fun action games and education...sign us up!

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Test out your Puzzle skills in these fun action games. A combination of mind-bending platform puzzlers and action games are a great way to get a double whammy out of fun games for kids. Use every facet of your imagination and skills to work your way through this hopping, skipping and jumping puzzles where you play as a Stickman or another plucky hero.

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One of the most fun types of games to play are Action RPG games. Follow a character from rags all the way to unimaginable riches. Stack your skills, improve your character’s aim, strength and ability to carry more loot. Buy items, complete missions, defeat enemies. Uncover a deep story that tells you the truth about your character’s past, or discover a dark mystery that captures the entire RPG world.

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These Action games are great for kids because they provide realisible progression through the game and plenty of achievable benchmarks to keep them engaged. These games are also totally suitable for both boys and girls, though boys might like the bloody Gladiator RPG games a little bit more!

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Overall, Action Games are a great category for kids. Some of them are educational, some are very fun, and some are even quite realistic. You can pick up lots from these kids games, and pass a lot of time in peace and quiet!