Jay Jackson

If you want variety in a drumming musician - Jay Jackson is the groove supplier you are looking for!

whether In the realms of Jazz or the idioms of Rock and R&B; whether a solid pulse in the background is needed, or you're looking for the audience-enticing showmanship of a funkatier center stage - Jackson wears his varied hats in style.

Also a bassist and occasional keyboard player Jackson understands the melodic and harmonic structures his grooves are supporting and prides himself in propping up his fellow musician's expressions to levels not ordinarily reached save for a more than solid rhythmic foundation to build upon.

From the grind of the touring and club circuit to Big Bands and the sensibility of a female vocalist's acoustic guitar accompanied bossa nova - Jackson's experience enables him to be a chameleon on the kit that can both spice up, or simply substantiate the musical statements of the musician's in his brushes' care.

From Rasta dreads to cowboy hats Jackson makes the kind of musical fashion statement you want your dancers dancing to.