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Action Retail Outfitters - Metal Shelving, Showcases

Art Director and Project Manager in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Action Retail Outfitters is the Canadian company that formulates and articulates the fixtures for a variety of stores. It is limiting its services fully towards chalking up innovative fixtures for stores. The prime aim is to make your products appear easily accessible and visibly obvious while being on the display. The product bundle includes garment care, countertop & floor displays, bags, printing & tags, displays, tables & bins, Grid & grid, hangers & supplies, jewelry displays, merchandising systems, public guidance systems, racks & accessories, shelving, showcase, signholders, slatwalls, store security, wall system hardware and accessories. Visit or dial 1-800-535-2279 to place your orders.


Garmet Care

Hangers & supplies
Jewelry Displays
Public guidance Systems

Racks & Accessories

Shelving & Accessories

Showcases & More

Store Security