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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Nichole Rae (Founder & C.E.O. of actionwrX, Inc.)

Originally from Northwest Arkansas, Nichole Rae is a 37 year-old entrepreneur with over 17 years of combined professional fitness training and nutrition coaching experience, to include working withing the Olympic movement. Having faced her own challenges over the years, Nichole has lost over 100 pounds and has kept it off for more than 3 years. She is inspiring to be around and she is always encouraging others towards their true potential. Nichole’s coaching style has been referred to as compassionate and refreshing and others are drawn to her kind heart. She is extremely passionate about empowering people with education and loving encouragement to lose weight and keep it off. She is currently studying Political Science and Public Law at the University of Co. Colorado Springs.

Nichole’s Weight Loss Journey

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in Northwest Arkansas, Nichole comes from a loving family with strong values; however, obesity is not scarce in that part of the country and her family was no exception regardless of “values”. Nichole learned that “food was love” at an early age and as a result was a very “pudgy” child until the age of 12 when she shot up like a weed. Due to her active, sport-lifestyle her weight really didn’t present a problem for another 13 years. By age 25 Nichole was a successful personal-trainer-turned-general-manager for one of the largest fitness organizations in the world. She was often a top producer and to keep up the pace she worked ten to twelve hours a day and abandoned her physical, spiritual and emotional health. Between the ages of 25 and 32 a lot of things happened…..Nichole started her own online health and wellness business, she got a divorce, she quit working out, she started drinking heavily and eating whatever she wanted (which didn’t use to pose a problem), AND she gained over 120 pounds! At age 32 she began to awaken and realized that she could no longer treat her precious human body poorly and expect to have good health. Relying heavily on her knowledge, and friends who loved her no matter what, Nichole began to pull herself up-and-out of her misery. “I remember feeling so absolutely devastated by the reality of my physical condition. I was terrified to be seen. The only clothes I had that fit me were sweats. I could barley walk around the block it hurt my lower back so bad. The last time I weighed myself I was 29

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