Ken McInnes

We are more than just traditional plate and trademark attorneys. We engage with the businesses to unlock the full financial value of their intellectual property assets; to strategically understand their position in the global market; assist with the identification of technology and IP opportunities that will allow the company to rapidly move forward without needing to reinvent the wheel and, of course, the usual services around the protection and enforcement of patents, trade marks and designs. We also provide commercial and practical legal advice in respect of intellectual property and its strategic utilisation whether internally generated or acquired from outside the client company. We empower our clients with knowledge so that they can get better value from the ongoing business success partnership which we strive to build with them. I have over 30 years experience working for both Australian and international businesses in the field of global intellectual property and my aim is always to help our clients to unlock their hidden wealth, build their businesses in the most cost-effective manner and to utilise all available resources to ensure the long-term commercial success that they deserve from their efforts.

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