360 Active Toronto

360Active is a full service activity centre that has been developed in Toronto. It is a new, unique, first-class facility that was created in order to see to the needs of women. 360Active allows the women of Toronto to maintain a healthy lifestyle. By empowering women to take control of their health and wellness, 360Active has helped women in Toronto to live more health and balanced lives. By going to 360Active, women in Toronto can stay fit and do it on their own schedule. They can attend at their convenience and still see proven results so long as they are diligent.

360Active is an activity centre that was developed solely for women. It places an equal importance on nutrition, fitness, and wellness, which means attacking the problem from all angles. They want to provide the ultimate results that women seek. Women trying to stay fit or lose weight will find that 360Active in Toronto is a great way to do just that without having to spend a great deal of money.

360Active is not a fly-by-night operation, they have hired only well trained professionals to work in their health centre. The team at 360Active is well educated in their respective fields, motivated to provide solid results, and engaged in the well-being of their clients. This means that they want to see results as badly as you do.

360Active also houses a full service yoda and pilates studio. This has been developed in order to address the wellness needs of women who attend the activity centre. The studio, like the rest of the centre, is a state of the art facility that allow women to receive high quality instruction and services. The studio is an urban oasis that provides a modern and authentic yoga or pilates experience to those women who are interested.