Mohammed Abbas

Web Developer in Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Active Codex is the alias of Mohammed Abbas

1989, London, UK, Graduate ( Brunel UniversityMultimedia Technology and Design )

Web Media junkie

Like to build the internet whilst consuming... almost anything (green juice, green tea… you name it)

I watch things and wonder how it's done.

I love the web, a clean house, meeting new people, travelling, road trips, street-dancing, and almost every kind of music. I hate not having my cell phone and watch on me, and a dead iPod.

I'm a twenty-something graduate from Brunel University with a zeal for the web, appetite for laughter and sandwiches.

I'm here to deliver creativity and modernity to those who need it. Whether enhancing the pixels in a photo or spacing content on a web page, I've been nourishing pixels since the age of 18 ( 2007 ).

Now that my university years have come and gone, I'm ready and excited to enter the real world; While I continue to work hard in my hunt for the perfect business idea, I plan to spend spare time exploring and appreciating the little things that life has to offer. I constantly wonder where my future will take me, yet I would still drop it all for a chance to see the world.

  • Work
    • Pythagoras Communications
  • Education
    • Brunel University