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I am an Activist and a Truthseeker. I was born and grew up in an inner-city in London.

I have started a movement called Truth is Louder - Pay it Forward. You can find out more about this at


You can enjoy interesting and informative articles, helpful resources and a blog. Find out about the harsh realities of whistleblowing and conducting a legal case without any legal representation.

Truth is Louder provides a unique insight into practical and personal issues relevant to the general public, ‘self-represented litigants’, 'would-be' whistleblowers and the people who support them.

TruthIsLouder is a valuable online resource and a new worldwide movement, with a noble cause. We need you to help us reach people who care about equal access to justice, protecting whistleblowers and human rights.

It invites you to write in and share your stories, tips and resources and expertise, so that others can benefit from them.

It strives to encourage the actions of 'paying-it-forward', to rouse a society and a world where people help, just for the sake of helping!
A particular demand exists for an online resource and movement like this, that will create some sense of empowerment for ‘self-represented litigants’ and ‘would-be’ whistleblowers in an area in which that is manifestly needed but woefully absent.

‘One person can achieve little or nothing. Many can move mountains’

A little about me

I obtained a degree from East London University in 1996 and went on to work with disadvantaged and troubled youths in the inner-city for 15 years as a mentor, Connexions Personal Adviser and Key worker, (in Secondary schools- including Special Needs schools, Colleges, Pupil referral units, Youth Offending Service, Connexions and a Local Council), before being exposed to the type of injustice which I have always fought so hard against on behalf of others.

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