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Actor Rishi Deepak

Actor Rishi Deepak (RD)

RD did his schooling at St. Joseph Convent School Faridabad and Modern School and then he did his Mechanical engineering at C.I.T.M.
Collage. He then moved to Bombay to find work as a film actor.
In vain though, as film-makers preferred someone with mature looks, and he looked very young. He went to Mumbai but it was very hard for Rishi to break into main Hindi Cinema as he came from a non Film background. So he moved to New Zealand. He was successful in being cast in Dreamz Productions Television Shows Absolute Bollywood And Kaun Banega Superstar as a Presenter and was very successful.After working for years with Dreamz Production Rishi Got Break in films

Feature Films
1st Film Was " Ek Ka Do Aur Dhoka Ek ( The Dark Side Of Revenge )"

2nd Film Was " Mr Singh Wants PR "

3rd " Highway To Suva "

and more in preproduction

Personal Quotes

I Believe in One GOD and With GOD ALL IS POSSIBLE


" If you break the word " IMPOSSIBLE " it becomes

" I + M + POSSIBLE "