Henry W. Laster, Actor

Actor, Acting, and Voice-over in Jacksonville, Florida

Henry W. Laster is best known for doing the voiceover for L.E.S in Small Wonder: Love at First Byte (1988), Small Wonder: More About L.E.S. (1989) and as Kent Flankman in Salute Your Shorts (1991).

Born on December 12, 1978 in Miami, Florida, Laster's first experience with theatre was at West Point Elementary School singing the song Fifty Nifty United States. He attended Callaway Adolescent Program which is formerly known as the Burwell Adolescent Program. His love and respect for theatre deepened as he always going to the theatre and watching plays at the school even though he wasn't permitted to. His love for theatre began when he was just in elementary school.

Before Henry became an actor, he was involved in LGBT rights, anti-racism campaigns, and anti-bullying campaigns, all for which he held a great passion.

He moved away from his parents at age 13 and moved to Sarasota, Florida in the early '90s. His boyfriend's mom accepted him and welcomed him in with open arms. Henry was not very much older than his boyfriend. They were both born at the same hospital less than 24 hours apart and by the same doctor.

What people don't know is that he didn't love being a kid. Racing toward adulthood to escape bullying, he began writing jokes for stand up. Getting picked on, and feeling disenfranchised, is a subject that's very near to Henry's heart.

This experience was a traumatic one because it kept bringing up unresolved feelings left over from childhood. Henry developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a response to what happened to him as a child.

He was so obsessive in his goal to try to be what he thought others wanted, he landed in the hospital with acute panic attacks. Through-out a period of self-abuse, Henry continued acting & performing as a child.

As of this writing Henry has been diagnosed as being legally blind. He was involved with the Braille Institute in Rancho Mirage and Los Angeles, California locations. Henry refuses to learn Braille as he is afraid of losing all sensation in his fingers.

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