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ACT-POS was established in 1998 as a Business Computer systems Provider. In 2002 that focus was shifted to Point of Sale. In 2006 Video Surveillance was added and in 2010, Digital Signage was added.

We believe in the future of our clients and are constantly looking for ways to help them grow. A company that is not growing, doesn't help anyone.

At ACT-POS Assured Computing Technologies we offer a selection of Operating Systems and Platforms for your Point of Sale needs based upon what you want and what you are comfortable using. Our solutions include the latest Windows Desktop Operating System, Windows Mobile Operating System and Windows Embedded Operating System - Apple iOS v. 8.1 Operating System to the latest Windows Mac Operating System.

In addition to Point of Sale, you need other items and features to run your business. We offer Partnerships with the major ISP's - Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, Verizon. We have Accounting solutions from QuickBooks and Freshbooks. We have Credit Card Providers that are the proven leaders in the industry and we offer a complete selection of Digital Displays for Restaurants, Retail, Manufacturing, Medical and Dental Waiting, Churches and Educational Facilities. We are Professional Technology Specialists with thousands of customers around the world. Our optional 'Hardware as a Service' subscription package is the perfect solution for a smaller retail point of sale or restaurant point of sale, limited to a single unit for $169.00 per month.

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