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Leeze Kimaya


Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Height: 4'8 Weight: 92lbs Vocal Range : Alto __________________________________________________ Theater/TV- I just want my pants back! - Doug Liman, MTV Comedy Upright Citizens Brigade Season Princess werewolf Season 3 episode 1 (pt 2 & 3) -Comedy Central Movie Bamboozled-Spike lee Production- extra ONE MAN ROM COM-Ray Munoz (UCB Theatre) Much Ado About Nothing, Twisted Windows, Musical Annie Madonna (Hanky Panky) Madonna (Vogue) - (BMCC), LiL Kytah ( __________________________________________________ Education Borough Manhattan Community College Theatre ____________________ Special Skills Photography (Kimaya Photography), Basic Martial Arts, Valid driver license, Punctuality, Fun, Some dancing, Photogenic, Telemarketing, iMac basic knowledge.

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